Eastern Screech Owl – Gray Morph

This was my first gray morph Eastern Screech Owl pair that I photographed early this year.  It was also the first nest that I got to witness the entire fledging process.  Adult flew in and posed next to the nest on this branch and was staring at the photographers.  One by one, the baby left the nest and flew into the palm tree to join the parents.  It was an amazing experience to have witnessed the entire process.

Here is an adult looking back at the photographers.



Adult landed on the side of the nest trying to encourage the owlets to take the first step.


Frontal pose



1Dx | 200-400L | 1/160 | f/10 | ISO10000 | Better Beamer

Screech Owl Success Secret Revealed

Many photographers have asked me how I have had so much luck in finding and photographing Screech Owls for the last few seasons. Besides locating the actual nest, here is part of the secret. With the help of my friend, Mark, we have spent some time placing the natural nest boxes made from Florida native sabal palms around the area at the end of last year. We have had a lot of success having screech owls nesting the nest box. If you are a photographer and a bird lover, instead of buying the plywood box, why not considered having one of these in your backyard, it will also allow you to get some great photos. Below is what Mark says:

“I offer the perfect nest box for use in the photography of Screech Owls, American Kestrels and other small cavity breeders. These nest boxes are made from Florida native sabal palms. They are aged and carved out by hand. This tough palm log nest box will last for years with proper care and will give you photographs of the birds in there preferred cavities and not in a plywood box. The end results show in Troy Lim’s recent photographs of Screech Owls. Proven boxes tested over time with many successful nests. I am offering these hand carved logs at $75.00 each as there are hours of work in producing just one. They are easy to attach to trees or poles with copper wire. Let me know if you are interested.”

If you are interested is buying one of these, you can contact Mark directly at 941.465.9046 or email him at markrunnals@gmail.com