Screech Owl Nest Log


The nest log is a hollowed out Sabal Palm log native to Florida and a preferred nesting site of Screech Owls.   Each log is approximately 22 to 24 inches in length and is hollowed out by hand with the top and bottom sealed by using plywood and fiberglass to give the log good protection from the elements and years of use by the owls. The logs are harvested from trees removed from properties by tree services so are a reused resource.   The logs are especially popular with photographers who are looking for a natural looking nest to photograph baby and adult Screech Owls and their interactions.

Other birds will use this log as well such as, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Wood Ducks, Great Crested Fly Catchers just to name a few. The Photography of Troy Lim’s Screech Owls is a prime example of what can be expected from the use of these logs.




The nesting logs are available in a limited quantity and are best mounted for the birds use prior to the breeding season.

The nest logs can be ordered from

Mark Runnals

P.O. Box 981

Bradenton, Florida 34206

941- 465- 9046


Payment by Check, Money Order or Paypal

Nest log    $75.00

Shipping   $25.00

Total         $100.00 per log




2 thoughts on “Screech Owl Nest Log

  1. Are your nest logs pre-made or made to order? How long from order to shipment? Also, I have read that plywood has formaldehyde and is toxic to birds. Are you still using plywood for the top and bottom? Can they be pole mounted? In Az the trees on our property are not tall so my boxes are pole mounted.

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