Eastern Screech Owls


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  1. Reply
    Victor Pasten August 29, 2016

    Hello, moving pics, awesome work, I would share in my Facebook if you authorize me, Please. Thank you very much.

    • Reply
      troylim August 29, 2016

      Victor, you can find my page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/troylimphotography
      You are welcome to use the share link on Facebook to share my work. Please don’t download them from here and share. Thank you!

  2. Reply
    Clara February 27, 2017

    Stumbled across these images from a link on Pinterest. Absolutley beautiful images and captured the owls at great angles. Thank you for sharing I enjoyed looking through them.

    • Reply
      troylim February 27, 2017

      Clara, I never posted on Pinterest. Can you tell me where you saw this? Someone might be posting my pics without my permissions. Please let me know.

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