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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is becoming one of my favorite cities that I have visited in the recent years.  The city has many attractive characteristics; from the old to new, it offers a wide variety of street photography opportunities.  I am looking forward to my future visits.

This image was taken at The Victoria Peak.  I shot three images, handheld and blended them together in Photoshop CC.  I am looking forward to returning with my full Canon setup in the future.

The Stairways ~ this image was taken on our walk towards the Central area.  I couldn’t help but noticing the beautiful curvature and shadow.

Pedestrian ~ I noticed this lady was getting ready to cross the street at Causeway Bay.  I quickly positioned myself to allow me to snap this image when the pedestrian light turned green.

The City of Angels – Los Angeles

My new career has brought me to The City of Angels temporarily.  While I am not back in Florida, I spent part of my time in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) when I am working in town.  The city is full of different characters.  I love carrying my camera every time I am walking around the city.  Here are some pictures I have captured in the short amount of time I am here. I will continue to add the shots to the page dedicated to The City of Los Angeles.

Chicago Cityscapes

After being based in Chicago for 1.5 year, I finally went out to photograph this beautiful city.  Here are some picture of the Windy City.

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Chicago Air and Water Show 2015

It was my first time attending and photographing the Chicago Air and Water show.  I arrived at the Oak Beach a little early and was able to locate a decent spot to allow me photographing this event.  For more information of the show, please visit here. Here is one of the images captured at the event.  It was an eye opening and a great learning experience.


The Street of Chicago

I have been living in the city of Chicago part time for the last few months since I started my new job.  I have finally been able to go out and captured some shots of the daily life in a city.





Street Photography in Chicago

I have been looking for a small, compact full frame camera for a long time.  I wanted a camera that I can take with me on a short vacation and still allow me to capture good quality images.   I did not have much luck until I decided to pick up a Leica M.  Since then, I have been exploring the Street aspect of photography.  I have been reading and studying images from the well known photography sites.

I just got back from a week vacation from Chicago.  When I am not sightseeing, I had my Leica M around my neck walking around town, practicing and capturing scenery from The Windy City.  The city is an amazing town for Street photographers to practice.  It was full of interesting people and moments.  It is a big learning curve especially for someone who is used to photographing with a DSLR.   I hope to continue improving my eye for Street photography.  Here are some of my favorite images from this trip.  Enjoy!