Tender Moment


I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph this Barred Owl nest along many great photographers early this year.  Owl is my favorite raptor among the all the Avian species.  After spending over a month monitoring and photographing their progress, this image was by far one of my favorites from this nest.  It was one of the best days for photographing at this location: not only we did not have the typical cloudy day with dull lighting,  we also had one of the best moments one could have asked for.  The sun lit up the background perfectly and the baby barred owl popped up and peeking through the mother, checking out the action going on among the photographers to my left.

1Dx | 1200mm | 1/160 | f/9 | ISO4000 | Fill Flash | Manual

Baby Barred Owl


During the early part of the nesting season, there was a period of about 15 minutes where the golden afternoon light would shine upon the nest.  I had been hoping to  capture the baby owlet during that time.  Unfortunately, by the time the baby was old enough, the angle of light had changed and would only light up part of the nest.  This image was captured during the first Saturday the baby made an appearance.  It was looking up at the female barred owl that was preening high on a perch.  I love how the light illuminates the baby barred owl, giving it a mysterious sense to the image.  I opted not to add fill flash in this shot.

1Dx | 1200mm | 1/320 | f/8 | ISO6400 | Manual Mode



March 5th, 2014

The feeding activity has increased within that week.  This image was captured after the female barred owl has left the nest for a short period of time.  She came back with a prey and stood on the edge of the nest.  After starring at the owlets for about a minute, she slowly stepped into the cavity.

1Dx | 840mm | 1/160 | f/8 | ISO3200 | Fill Flash | Manual | Full Frame