Prey Delivery

Prey Delivery ~ This image shows the adult returning from hunting. It came back with a lizard, a common diet for Eastern Screech Owl that often nest in Florida’s urban neighborhoods. It landed and fed the owlets inside the nest. Camera set up below the nest and trigged with a 100 ft. remote trigger far away from the nest. Bradenton, Florida. 1/160 | f/16 | ISO 1600


Fledgling #1
~This shot illustrates the similar fledging process that I have witnessed in the past few seasons. The baby owlet would back itself out of the cavity then proceeded to climb up to the high point. It then waited for the adults’s guidance, took off and landed on the oak tree behind the nest.
All 4 babies have fledged successfully as of 4/17/16
1Dx, 100-400mmII, 1/160, f/20, ISO3200, HH.

Fledgling #2
~Owlet #2 climbed up and joined one of the adults. It was full of curiosity. The adult took off into the oak tree. Shortly after, another baby peeked out of the cavity, I was lucky enough to capture both of them together with nice eye contact. Shortly after, the owlet #2 took off and flew towards the oak tree while another one was stretching out and looking back.
All 4 babies have fledged successfully as of 4/17/16
1Dx, 100-400mmII, 1/160, f/20, ISO3200, HH.

Fledgling #4
~Owlet #3 fledged some time in the early part of the morning while I was sleeping. Shortly after sunset, the adult was calling for the last baby, landed on top of the nest encouraging the as baby to come out of the cavity. When it finally did, the adult returned with a prey trying to feed the baby but it was already on the top of the nest looking towards the oak tree. Seconds after the adult left, the baby took off towards the oak tree.

Bird Photography in Southwest Florida

It is that time of the year where the birds are in breeding plumage and busy with the nesting season.  I went out and photographed for about 5 days recently and this is what I was able to capture.  These are photographed around Bradenton all the way to Venice, Florida.











Chicago Air and Water Show 2015

It was my first time attending and photographing the Chicago Air and Water show.  I arrived at the Oak Beach a little early and was able to locate a decent spot to allow me photographing this event.  For more information of the show, please visit here. Here is one of the images captured at the event.  It was an eye opening and a great learning experience.