The Celery Fields, Sarasota Florida

It has been a very dry spring in Sarasota Florida area.  The water level at the ponds around the Celery fields has been going down, making it a great feeding area for many birds.

I decided to stop by the pond a few times when I was home.  There were dowitchers, yellow legs, herons, ibis, spoonbills, stilts, sandhill cranes and many other species around.  Stilts and Dowitchers were two species that I have not photographed a lot in the past.

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_TLP2094-copyGlossy ibis landing


_TLP2340-copyDowitchers were having territory disputes.


Burrowing Owls

Family Portrait
Burrowing Owls, Cape Coral Florida
It has been two years since I photographed the burrowing owls. I decided to take a trip down yesterday morning to visit the nest sites. This nest was very active, the pair is busy raising 4 babies. It looks like they will be ready to fledge in the near future.


There are 4 owls in this image.  The adult (left) with 3 babies.  One was hidden in the back, another one was taking a nap with its head tilted to its left and one was giving the photographers the stare.  Enjoy!




Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl

The owlets from the first nest have fledged successfully. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I did not have the chance to photograph them peeking out of the cavity.
I made a goal to capture them in flight this season. Last night, we moved on to photographing the second pair. This is the Red Morph pair that have been nesting at my friend’s property for the last 8 years. Instead of getting the incoming shots, I decided to focus on the flying away shot. After figuring out their feeding pattern, we setup the camera and triggered it remotely. I managed to capture some frames last evening of this pair flying by to hunt for prey.