Owl Season is here…

It is good to be back, it is great to be out there holding a camera once again.  After 10 months break, I went out this evening to capture some images of the nesting Eastern Screen Owls.  I went out without any expectations, just hoping to get some decent images and some practice.  It was just like riding a bike once again.

During this delivery, the male Eastern Screech Owl flew in out of nowhere, different than the usual routine where he would perch for several seconds before delivering the catch into the cavity. The subsequent frames showed that it was carrying a caterpillar. In another week, the female will join in hunting and taking turn to feed the owlets. I hope to be able to be back again when the babies are old enough to be peeking through the nest cavity.

Shot taken with 7D Mark2, with its crop factor, I was able to shoot with a shorter zoom lens.  The AF system continues to impress me with its ability to focus in the low light condition.

Update: 4/8/2015 The babies have fledged successfully.  Even though I was not there to witness it, I hope they will survive and start raising their own family once day.








The adult came back with a gecko. The nictitating membrane (from Latin nictare, to blink) is drawn across the eye for protection during landing.










Fledgling Owlet

Ever witness an owlet fledgling process? I hope this shot will give you an idea of the process. The owlet usually would back its way out of the nest box and slowly climb to the highest point possible. It would stay there for a minute or two searching for its siblings and then take off towards them.
Interested in getting images like this one soon? I can put you in touch with my friend Mark Runnals for this type of opportunity.