Street Photography in Chicago

I have been looking for a small, compact full frame camera for a long time.  I wanted a camera that I can take with me on a short vacation and still allow me to capture good quality images.   I did not have much luck until I decided to pick up a Leica M.  Since then, I have been exploring the Street aspect of photography.  I have been reading and studying images from the well known photography sites.

I just got back from a week vacation from Chicago.  When I am not sightseeing, I had my Leica M around my neck walking around town, practicing and capturing scenery from The Windy City.  The city is an amazing town for Street photographers to practice.  It was full of interesting people and moments.  It is a big learning curve especially for someone who is used to photographing with a DSLR.   I hope to continue improving my eye for Street photography.  Here are some of my favorite images from this trip.  Enjoy!












RBWP Feeding




The same pair of RBWP have returned to the same nest box again this year.  Last year, none of the babies survived and appeared to have been killed by squirrels.  This pair has been working very hard.  The first clutch from this year failed earlier this summer.  Since then, with the help of my friend Mark, we have trimmed away a lot of the palm frond to keep the squirrels away.  This is the second clutch and I could hear the constant screaming of the babies begging for food everyday.   I am happy that they finally produced some young ones that will be leaving within the next few days.

1Dx | 200-400mm L | 1/320 | f/8 | ISO800 | Fill Flash | Manual

Tender Moment


I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph this Barred Owl nest along many great photographers early this year.  Owl is my favorite raptor among the all the Avian species.  After spending over a month monitoring and photographing their progress, this image was by far one of my favorites from this nest.  It was one of the best days for photographing at this location: not only we did not have the typical cloudy day with dull lighting,  we also had one of the best moments one could have asked for.  The sun lit up the background perfectly and the baby barred owl popped up and peeking through the mother, checking out the action going on among the photographers to my left.

1Dx | 1200mm | 1/160 | f/9 | ISO4000 | Fill Flash | Manual