1st PSA Contest – Metropolitan Chapter Photographic Society of America

Just received an email regarding my first ever PSA photo contest with Metropolitan Chapter Photographic Society of America. All 4 images were accepted to the 1st PSA Metropolitan Chapter National Photographic Contest
2015. ESO – Cat or Owl? has won the Gold medal and ESO – Nictitating Membrane shot received Honorable Mention. Check out the stunning images on the links below and click on the catalog.


1st PSA-MET National contest Report Card

Acceptances are listed at http://www.psa-met.com/#!npc/c1e2n

Scores required for acceptance:

Section A – Open Color:   18

Section B – Open Monochrome:   18

Section C – Nature:   18

Section D – Photo Travel:   18

Troy Lim

Section A – Open Color:

Section B – Open Monochrome:

Section C – Nature:

“ESO – Nictacting Membrane”  20 Points (HM)

“ESO – Spider Delivery”  18 Points (A)

“ESO – Cat or Owl?”  25 Points (Gold )

“ESO – Off Hunting”  18 Points (A)

Section D – Photo Travel:

“Borneo – Innocense”  16 Points

“Chicago – Off to Work”  17 Points

“Chicago – Parking”  17 Points

“Chicago – Shopper”  17 Points

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